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Month: May 2015

Online Radio Sees A Steady Boom

rima-radio_teaserThe Internet has given birth to online radio, and this has taken a new dimension with the technology taking a positive turn. Radio is an age-old means of entertainment and information medium. Even before the emergence of television, the radio was the only entertainment medium. Despite the emergence of newer technologies, radio has not lost its significance in the world of entertainment. Thanks to the innovative and active participation of the listeners in keeping the spirit of radio alive. With industrialization and urbanization, the prominence of radio is diminishing as people move towards online and television. Radio is still a viable tool to promote culture.

radio-deejay_mediumCheaper transistors are available to entertain you. It may be weird to think of tuning into online radio station when there are portable transistors available. Moreover, the MP3 systems and video files also move you away from the radio. There is also fear that the interest in the radio will vanish very soon with the wide range of entertainment like television, MP3 players, video streaming, etc. People who leave their hometown feel nostalgic. Music can soothe their nerves and what could be apter than online radio to tune to your favorite music channel.

Online radio service is the right means for live newsfeed. There is no need to refresh often to get the latest news. You can tune to the radio news of a particular country, and you will be able to collect all the latest news in the region. It is an old technology coming of age with the modern process. There are many personalized applications available for online radios. You can avail these applications and make the most of it. The Internet is omnipresent and gives you the versatility of enjoying news and music 24/7 transcending boundaries. With the internet boom, radio medium may vanish in the days to come.

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