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Keeping Your Listeners Glued To Radio News

radio_1_breakfast_showIt is common to find Journalists moving around for a story. Journos listen to strangers to weave a story out of the facts. It is an important aspect of the life of a journalist. Readers follow up newspaper stories that were printed hours ago. Even press releases were covered and rewritten. Radio journalists work differently. Any call to the emergency services could turn out to be a great news article. With a booming population of the city, it is possible to find stories everywhere. It does not help to be lazy or careless. Journalists have to keep their eyes and ears open to collect a great story.

ednwill2_custom-1d57c374551426d970be6e3256ab040d01ffb9eb-s300-c85News budgets are shrinking, and this has made it vital to connect with the audience. Gathering news that is local, interesting, real and interest without having to spend a dime is no more a dream. Turn to the listener. Get the first-hand opinion from the listeners. It is possible that most of the stories that pass your desk can be the personal experience of a listener. There is nothing wrong in using people who like to listen to you. The present day journalists are using a host of resources to come up with a credible story.

Stories are all over; it is how you perceive and present to the listeners. For instance, news on poor hygiene standards in UK maternity wards may not attract the required attention. But at the same time if the same news is presented in an interactive way, calling upon new moms to share their maternity ward experience and if it is of Third world hygiene standards. Radio jockeys are concerned about the music flow. What they fail to understand is that a listener can offer a great clip that can turn your show into a grand success. If you find such clips, do not hesitate to use it on your show.

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Know More About Satellite Radio

radiodjSince the time of its inception, satellite radio has been popular over broadcast radio. But the road to success was not an easy path. Two prominent satellite radios Sirius and XM have to undergo a lot of challenges before gaining customers. The equipment was not just expensive but space consuming. The services for satellite radio came at a cost while that of broadcast radio was free. There are a few advantages of the satellite over broadcast radio. It is hard to find commercials on satellite radio, and the listener can enjoy listening to their favorite program without any break. It is similar to Showtime or HBO. They come at a premium cost, but no ad breaks in between.

anthonycumiaThe quality of satellite radio is superior when compared to broadcast radio. The digital signal offers better sound quality without any static. Satellite radio provides coast to coast reportage, and there is no need to locate a local station while on travel. Car manufacturers have added satellite equipment in newer models, so there is no buying cost except for a monthly subscription. GMC manufacturer offers only XM capability, but many offer both the services. High-quality stereos are part of the pack boosts the quality of the digital signal.

There is no competition as far as satellite radio is concerned. In the future HD, radios connect with local stations for enhancing the quality. It is similar to transmitting HD TV locally. The sound with be of superior quality but there will be commercials. The music and artist information will be made available in HD radio that is equipped with a stereo. It is left to the choice of the listeners to spend more for digital quality and avoid commercials. Most listeners do not mind spending extra to enjoy some good quality music without disturbance in the form of static and advertisement.

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