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Is your Plumber Qualified?

Written on April 2, 2016   By   in Blog

First and foremost. Plumbers Texas | Do they have the correct qualification

Before a plumber even arrives at your property you should make sure they have the necessary qualifications and license to carry out any work. Of course depending in the work, the qualifications will differ. For example, if any of the plumber’s work will involve gas (like water heater repair or replacement), they must be registered with CORGI which is a license for use by only a carefully selected range of plumbers.

Does A PLUMBER charge for estimates?

The last thing you want, is to have to pay for a plumber to give a quote! You may think this never happens, but believe us, it does!

Be very clear when you speak to any St Albans plumbers that you will NOT pay for an estimate. A lot of plumbers will say they charge a ‘service fee’ just to look at the issue and to give an estimate. This is unacceptable and you should not have to pay this. If you hire a local St Albans plumber, this is less likely to happen as they are local and therefore do not have the travel costs, etc.
water heater

Next, ask the plumber about their response times.

This is a critical element because in a state of emergency (you house is gushing with water), you certainly do not want to wait a long time for your plumber to arrive and fix the problem. What you ought to do then is ask the plumber the worse case time scenario for them to arrive at your property. Every minute that goes by means more repair costs based on the structural damage your leak is causing.

A good idea is to know how to turn the water off in your property. So, should you find you have a leak, you can simply turn off your water supply whilst you wait for the St Albans plumber to arrive.

Finally, if you need a special task (like water heater repair) you should seek the right plumber in Texas

Too often an ‘all-rounder’ will say they can change a boiler when in fact, they have no or limited experience… they just want the job. This can be avoided by simply asking them for any specific qualifications before hiring them. Many plumbers specialise in one area of pluming and a simple Google check will help you find them.

Know these prevalent mistakes with choosing the right St Albans plumber and you will avoid them.

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