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Wedding Dance Lessons are not like other lessons

Written on May 2, 2016   By   in Blog

Why Are Wedding Dance Lessons Different?

Firstly, all wedding dance lessons are taught in the form of private lessons. This is where you will get the undivided attention of one of our professional teachers whose sole focus is to ensure that you get the tuition and guidance that you need in preparation for your big day.

Dance Lessons
Although a wedding dance lesson is taught in the same way a private dance lesson would be taught there are several different factors for our teachers to consider which is why wedding dance lessons are different to regular private dance lessons. Specific Song

For a student who is looking to learn to dance for fun, to take medal tests or even to compete, they will be looking to learn a variety of dance styles which can be danced to a range of different songs. For example if we teach a new student a Waltz or a Foxtrot, these dances can be danced to any strict tempo Waltz or Foxtrot track.

In a wedding dance lesson, the couple will have either by themselves or with our help, chosen a single track which they would like to dance to. Therefore the focus is for the teacher to ensure the dance style and choreography matches that exact song rather than a variety of possible songs.Size Of Floor

As a wedding dance couple will be dancing a specific size floor, the steps and dance style they will need to be taught will need to work with the space they have to dance in. A regular student would be looking to learn dance steps and what is known as “floorcraft” which is the ability to dance around a variety of different shape and sizes or floor whilst also avoiding other couples who are also dancing at the same time.

For a wedding dance lesson, the issue of floor craft isn’t a factor to consider as there won’t be anyone else on the floor during their first dance and the size and shpe of the floor is known to them.

Element of Performance

Every wedding dance lesson we teach is different and that is one of the reasons why its so much fun to teach them.

Some clients just want to learn a few basic steps and “survive” the ordeal where as other clients want to be YouTube sensations with elaborate and complex choreography.

Regardless of the level of complexity or performance the client t may want, the wedding couple still need to be able to get and on off the floor with out anything going wrong and this is yet another example of the difference between a wedding dance lesson and a private dance lesson. The private dance lesson student doesn’t need to learn for the sake of an event where as the wedding dance client does.

For more information about private dance lessons, please contact us or visit the relevant pages on this site for more information.

To book in a free 30 minute trial dance lesson for your wedding dance lesson, again, contact us through the “Contacts” page of our website and we’ll be in touch with our availability and get you booked in asap

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